ANTS are Automatic Negative Thoughts that lead to Inconsistency, Fear, Anger and All Things Evil in Your Golf Game. ANT Traps are the Situations That Create Negative Energy in Your Game.

Everyone has ANT Traps, including professionals. Here’s how some pro golfers use the mental game to avoid ANT Traps:

Jason Day:

“The game of golf is so mental and if you don’t have everything in the right order it’s very difficult to win golf tournaments.”

Jordan Spieth:

“Normally my mental game is my strength and it's something I feel like I have an advantage over other players on. These past two weeks it was a weakness for me. And I've just got to go back and reassess how to remain positive”

Rory McIlroy:

“Mentally, I’m really sharp. I didn’t start to think about score. I didn’t think about where I was in the tournament. I was just playing shot after shot after shot.”

Bubba Watson:

“I have a lot of fears in my life….I’m human. A lot of those fears come out on the golf course. Big crowds, just people, people touching me, people yelling at me. Just, I want to go and hide. So I’m getting better at that. I’m trying to."

The HEAD Coach is committed to helping you identify your ANT Traps and CRUSH YOUR ANTS!

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Greg Liberto is The HEAD Coach. He is a multi-national speaker, author and coach who shows golfers how to transform their game and play their Best Golf Ever!

Greg has appeared as a guest on FOX Sports, NBC, ESPN Radio, the Honda Classic Radio Show and many more. He is a faculty member of the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) University.

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"In golf most focus on the physical ability to repeat a great golf swing and hit great golf shots. Hours of practice on the range and the putting green to perfect the perfect stroke. Then when they get to the golf course they struggle to do so. The quote 'I'm the best range player ever' or 'If I could just hit it on the course like I do on the range' is said to me over and over every year. My Mental Game Coach (Greg Liberto) teaches you how to prepare your mind and your body to hit that shot when it counts. It's much less practice than what you are putting in at the driving range, but it’s the knowledge you need from Greg to teach yourself how to be relaxed and focused on the course to perform at your peak levels. I highly recommend My Mental Game Coach."

Jimmy Hanlin
PGA Professional and Two-Time Emmy Winner

"By applying Greg's techniques to my game, I went from a 96 to an 83 on my home course in just 7 days."

Howdy Giles
 Author of The King and I: An Unlikely Journey from Fan to Friend

"Greg taught me how to create a Strategy for each round and commit to it. As a result, I had my best tournament finish ever as a professional." September 2015

Carly Werwie
Professional golfer on the Symetra Tour

"I just took my assessment. I love the feedback and information provided. The information provided was excellent."

Carling Nolan
Former LPGA Tour Pro and Big Break Winner